Hey! I’m Vicki Jakes

online marketing and website optimisation consultant

I help creative small business owners build their very own WordPress website in 21 days with my WordPress Bootcamp and optimise their exisiting websites with the Supercharge Your Website Challenge.

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I currently offer limited one-to-one client services where I can help direct what you need or provide you with training so you can learn how to do it yourself!

WordPress Website Optimisation

Looking to update your current website?

I follow a developer-free philosophy using WordPress to create a great, user-friendly website together with you.

Online Marketing Set-up and Support

Strategic digital marketing direction.

Need to get your online marketing strategy back on track? I can provide a top-level strategy or assist in helping you master individual channels to help drive more clients and engagement.


Online Courses to For You to DIY

Build your own WordPress website in just 21 days.

I also provide online course training to help you learn how to build your own WordPress website and get it seen by the right people. 

What my clients say…
Here’s what some of my clients had to say about working with me.
“Vicki recently built me a website for my business and I have to say that she did a fantastic job. I thought I knew what I wanted but being a complete novice at web stuff I wasn’t able to communicate that very well. Vicki clearly knows what she is doing and helped me understand and realise what I was looking for in no time at all.”
Josh Smith

Owner, smith + Jakes

“Vicki’s help was so useful when I needed someone to guide me through the daunting task of social media marketing. What I found was enormously helpful was how she broke things down into bite sized pieces and suggested which forms of social media would be the most effective for my business. She has a great way of explaining things!”
Belinda McBride

Owner, Musical Bumps, Brighton and Hove

“Vicki is highly a professional and proficient woman who is my first port of call for anything website. As well as understanding the technical requirements, Vicki is able to show enormous creativity to provide a unique, bespoke service. She is approachable, amenable, adaptable as well as being efficient and effective. I wholeheartedly recommend!”
Claire Duffy

Director, Claire Duffy Education Centre

“Vicki has been very helpful in setting up our website. She took our initial design ideas and turned them into a stunning, modern looking site, that is easy to navigate. She has been very approachable and doesn’t mind explaining things that we do not understand. She has also given us great advice on how to maximize our potential using social media. Thank you Vicki.”


Dicky Deans

Owner, Dicky Deans Shepherds Huts

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Using surveys in your online sales funnels

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What’s a buyer persona?

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