Great leaders don’t do it alone, they have a community to help them.

Look at my favourite business owner @garyvee who puts out an insane amount of content EVERY DAY to his followers across Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. He also sends to a mail list and had a blog. His content drives his message and has enabled him to grow many businesses, including Wine Library and Vayner Media to massive revenue-grossing companies.

He doesn’t do it alone.

He has a team of content producers. Writers, video makers, editors, image optimisers and social media managers. They even have a name: @teamgaryvee

So if you’re thinking, “how can I do it all?” then the answer is DON’T.

Get a team.

Get help.

Find them in your local networks.

Facebook Groups.

Advertise for them.

They’re out there and they WANT to work with business owners like you.

Team Gary is made up of brilliant people who all wanted to work with the main man and learn from him. Your team will want the same from you too so giving value will be key to making it work.

Teamwork makes the dream work guys 😘

Way Out Far - Vicki Jakes

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